Leaders always say dress for the job you want to have. So this Halloween, children served by Buckner International are dressed for success.

Buckner designs each of our ministries to transform lives today and for generations to come. Fostered by strong families nurtured by Buckner through our foster and adoption program, Family Hope Centers and Family Pathways, the children we serve are able to dream bigger than they ever have before, wanting to be doctors, lawyers, scientists and more.

Let’s meet some of our future leaders. 

hector Hector is 10 years old and loves to study science. "I like to do the experiments and discover new things," he says. Hector and his family are involved in the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake in Dallas, and he has dreams to become a scientist when he grows up. College is already on his mind, and he knows he'll need to work hard to achieve those dreams, but that doesn't frighten him. He's inspired by his parents and ready for the challenge.

jason Jason may only be 4 years old, but he knows he wants to be a policeman when he grows up so he can keep everyone safe. Jason was recently adopted from foster care and his court appointed special advocate is a detective. Jason's mother, Jena, said he really bonded with his CASA and thinks that influenced his decision to become a policeman someday. We took Jason to a Dallas Police Department station, where he met an officer and had some fun in a squad car turning the sirens on and off. 

aryaFourth grader Arya already knows she wants to be a marine biologist someday. She lives with her mom and 4-year-old brother at Family Pathways. Inspired by her mother, who is working hard on her degree in business administration, Arya gets straight A's in all her courses. But her favorite thing to study is aquatic wildlife. We took Arya to the Dallas World Aquarium where she met a marine biologist on staff and experienced firsthand the day-to-day duties of a marine biologist at an aquarium. She even got to assist in the lab testing water samples. By the end of her visit, Arya is even more determined to be a marine biologist someday.

See more photos of Hector, Jason and Arya following their dreams below.



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