A place to be free: How Buckner Family Pathways resident discovered healing and freedom for her family

Amy Aguirre was a resident at the Buckner Family Pathways in Dallas. Last month, she graduated from the program, and is one semester away from receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology – Christian counseling. When Amy first arrived at Family Pathways four years ago, she was depressed, full of shame, scared, tired and searching for hope. But today, Amy is much different.

Amy graduates from Family Pathways empowered, happy, redeemed and transformed. Below, Amy describes how Family Pathways helped her gain spiritual and redemptive freedom for her family.

I wept last night as I finished cleaning my apartment and sat down for a time to give thanks to God with tears and laughter for blessing my children and me with such a wonderful home for nearly four years. My precious home and campus is full of so many priceless and beautiful memories with my children. As I walked through my home, I prayed for the destiny of God to be fulfilled for the next family who lives there.

God brought us through so much and brought so much growth to us all. I know God ordained Buckner and the staff to accomplish so many monumental works in us of establishment, growth, healing and stability. As I look back, I see how so many details of our lives were divinely appointed, and I see how God so miraculously provided for my children and I. I could not have made it through all I did without God using this ministry. The Lord has made me strong by giving me and my children an incubator to heal and to thrive and a running strip to fly so we may continue in victorious stability.

My children are happy and safe and I couldn't ask for a more priceless gift. My children are excelling in school and dream ambitious plans for their future. All of my children have cherished long-standing friendships and the love of neighbors, and these relationships have helped them establish a positive and healthy outlook and framework for future relationships.

They have all been protected while at Buckner. Things would have been much worse if I had not lived on a safe campus and God foresaw this. By God’s grace, I realize my children and I are a part of the legacy of an international ministry which fulfills Christ's teachings in action, not just with words. I am grateful to have been a part of it.


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