Buckner Establishes NGOs in India, Sierra Leone

Jenny Pope
Buckner International

DALLAS – Buckner International has established two official Non-Governmental Organizations in Sierra Leone and India beginning in August 2010.

Buckner Sierra Leone is led by Alfred Sima Kargbo and works in collaboration with the Global Connections Partnership Network. The organization is currently recruiting board members and beginning its work in the west, with plans to expand over the next two years.

First Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas is helping to support this program which is focusing on foster care and kinship care for orphans, rehabilitation and vocational programs.

Buckner India is led by country representative and social worker Anthony Praveen Gaddaren and board director Ananda Reddy in Hyderabad, India.

“We have a great need for education and health centers for children,” Reddy said. “Women also have many needs in India. They have no power and are uneducated. There is a need for vocational training and education for women.”

Reddy understands the needs of orphans and widows because he was raised in an orphanage, too.

“In India, even the poor children are orphans. The parents are there, but they are left to the streets,” he explained. “With my background, it becomes a personal mission and with this organization, it becomes a unity.”

Randy Daniels, vice president of international operations at Buckner, said they are actively seeking support for Buckner India’s programs.

To help support these new programs in Sierra Leone and India, please contact Buckner Foundation at 214-758-8000.



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