Buckner Retirement Services continues grassroots initiative to open senior living communities to families visitors during the pandemic

The coronavirus has deeply affected many families, but it has especially hit hard for those living in senior living communities as increased isolation is showing to have a dramatic adverse effect on seniors.  

In response, Buckner Retirement Services has launched an initiative to encourage safe family visits to residents in senior living communities. 

“For that to happen, it is important that the state and federal officials prioritize COVID-19 testing for senior living communities and provide us with the same access to tests and financial support as hospitals and physicians,” said Charlie Wilson, senior vice president for Buckner Retirement Services. 

“If we push for readily available rapid testing and PPE combined with effective regulations we can implement limited in person health care visits that will unite families while warding off the virus.”

Buckner Retirement Services is fighting for a more comprehensive solution across the state, and you can help. Send a letter to state elected officials encouraging them to allow reasonable and safe visits to seniors in senior living communities.

“Everyone’s voices are important as we move forward together,” Wilson said. 

If you have not already sent a letter to state elected officials, email Charlie Wilson at charlie.wilson@buckner.org and he will send you a copy of the letter he sent to Governor Abbott to help you form your own letter.


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