Get ready to go with your students to the New World of Colonial America while you are at Camp Buckner. We will lead your students through several courses where they can explore or discover details of the Colonies.

The courses we offer

Rotation 1: The Garden
John Smith told the colonists that, “He who shall not work, shall not eat.” We agree! Consequently, our first rotation here at Bucknersburg has your students working in our garden to cultivate our seasonal selection of corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. Also, Students will learn to throw a line into our pond to see what fish they can catch for lunch!

Rotation 2: The Kitchen
Bring your students over to the Bucknersburg Bakery and let them try their hand at making traditional Wampanoag Indian bread or pilgrim-inspired Maple Pumpkin Cornmeal rolls. When your students have made their delicious bread, they will churn some fluffy, yellow butter to go on it.

Rotation 3: The Chores
Colonial children were busy! An important chore for a colonial child was to make dipped candles so that their home could have light after night had fallen. After your students have dipped candles, they will turn their attention to the laundry which will be done in giant galvanized wash tubs with washing boards and rocks prior to being hung up to whiten on the washing line.

Rotation 4: Colonial Games
Life wasn’t all work and no play for Colonial children! Your colonial schoolmaster or schoolmistress will lead your students in a thrilling game of Rounders or 9 pins, Sack or Relay races, Quoits (ring toss) or Wooden Hoop Races, Leap Frog or Blind Man’s Buff.

Rotation 5: The Craftsman’s Shop
Colonial children played with all manner of toys and made objects of beauty with which to adorn their homes. Your students will enjoy making a selection of Whirligigs, Nettie dolls, quill pens, Jacob’s Ladder, pomander balls or tin punches to take home as a souvenir of their day in Colonial Bucknersburg.

Lunch at the New England Tavern
History is served! Students can gather in the New England Tavern for a communal lunch where they will have the opportunity to enjoy fried chicken or shepherd’s pie, fruit tart or ‘hasty pudding’, and cornbread or Johnny cakes all washed down by cold apple cider.

After lunch, depending upon the time of year, students will enjoy swimming in our wonderful pool or challenge themselves with a team building initiative as part of our ropes course program.


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