Be prepared to go on an archaeological expedition with your students in the land of Egypt while you are at Camp Buckner. We will walk your students through several stations where they can learn or re-enforce details of the Egyptian Culture.

The courses we offer

egypt-nile.jpgNile River Crossing
Students will learn about the Nile River as they grow as a team to cross the river.

egypt-dig.jpgThe Dig
With our simulated archaeological experience, students will dig and sieve through our dig sites to discover and tag artifacts relevant to Egyptian Culture.

egypt-pyramid.jpgBuilding the Pyramids
Using clay from our very own Nile River, students will make their own mud bricks and then build their own pyramid using our innovative blocks.

egypt-painting.jpgPainting the tomb
Using our creative walls, students will learn about how and why Egyptians painted their tombs, and then paint their own tomb murals.

Using our Egyptian-sourced jewelry materials students will learn about the unique jewelry of the Egyptians, and then make some of their own Egyptian jewelry and sacred cartouches.


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