Go on a historical journey with your students and experience the expedition of Lewis & Clark here at Camp Buckner. We will guide your students through several courses where they can explore or discover details of the journey of Lewis and Clark.

The courses we offer

Rotation 1: A Month of Intensive Learning
Meriwether Lewis had a month of intensive learning before he set out into the wilderness. Zoology, plant preservation, Indian history and fossils were all subjects he crammed during that time. We’d love 30 days to teach your students but we have condensed some of this same knowledge in to 30 minutes! Do your students know the difference between a Quercus muehlenbergii and Sassafras albidum? Could they track and follow a mule deer or a white tailed deer in order to survive? Our very own George Drouillard will teach your students about plant preservation and zoology using the flora and fauna of our native area.

Rotation 2: Camp Wood: Baling and flag-making
Here at Camp Wood, where the explorers are spending the winter of 1803, John Hay, trapper and trader will show your students how to pack goods and Indian gifts in bales as well as make flags and peace medals to give to the Indian chiefs they may encounter.

Rotation 3: The Yankton Sioux Archery Contest
Jefferson has ordered Lewis to make friendly terms with the Sioux so it is your students’ job, under the watchful eye of William Clark, to be good ambassadors for their country and participate in the archery contest with the Sioux young men! If they succeed, perhaps their chief, Chief Shake Hand will agree to send chiefs to Washington and make peace with the other tribes.

Rotation 4: Sagacawea and Foraging for Edible Plants
Sagacawea, wife of the boorish Toussaint Charbonneau will teach a lesson on living off the land showing you students how to find and cook with edible, now-commonly used fruits and nuts of the forest. As part of the class, students will handle historic lithic tools such as flints, grinders and hand-axes that originate from right here at Camp Buckner.

Rotation 5: The Scavenger Hunt Specimen Box
Jefferson has also commanded Lewis to send examples of new plants, animals, minerals and other curiosities back to him in Washington DC. Under the guidance of Meriwether Lewis, you are going to participate in our photography scavenger hunt to collect objects as you journey west. Once you find your objects and photograph them with your disposable camera, you must complete your expedition log to explain to the president why you think these objects are important. Your notes and cameras will be sent to the President in a specially made specimen box.

Indian Feast
Students will gather at the Travelers’ Rest Area for a communal lunch. The Travelers’ Rest can host a tasty Indian meal of roast meat, prairie vegetables and explorer’s bread with dessert or students can bring brown sack lunches.

After lunch, depending upon the time of year, students will enjoy swimming in our wonderful pool or challenge themselves with a team building initiative as part of our ropes course program.


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