Big dreams aren’t possible without hope.

Many families in the Bachman Lake community of Dallas have big dreams and even bigger hopes for their children. These parents are up against tough odds though. Many are faced with paralyzing financial, economic, educational, and family challenges.

  • 40% of Dallas’ children live below the poverty line
  • The Bachman community is home to the most children younger than five in Dallas
  • CPS removal rate is twice the average in Dallas County
  • 57% of residents have less than a high-school education

We often think of “hope” as an idea, as something you can’t really see. But the truth is, you can see hope.

It looks like newfound love between a mother and her teenage daughter, Marta and Amanda Martinez. We met the Martinez family last year in the Bachman Lake community of Dallas.

Amanda’s dad had recently lost his job and the family of seven was struggling. Their picture a year ago wouldn't have looked like this.



Almost two years ago, Buckner began helping families like the Martinezes. The family started attending classes taught by Buckner, learning business and parenting skills. The Martinez family learned methods they could apply to their piñata-making business and their income has nearly tripled.

“We may stumble but we have to continue forward. That’s the hope Buckner gives us” ~ Marta Martinez

The new hope Amanda has shines as she talks about going to college and becoming a teacher - someone who can pass hope along to children like herself. Amanda is what hopes looks like.

Because children are at the center of a family, they are at the heart of our Family Hope Centers.

You can help more children and families like the Martinezes

With your help, we can build a center of hope where families will take part in educational programs such as financial empowerment and job skills classes, as well as receive counseling, aid, coaching, and more so they can reach their full potential. The goal is not only to keep families together, but also strengthen them.

Join us today, so together we can help more hardworking families reach their full potential and ultimately give their children a better future through the new Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake.



Why should I give on North Texas Giving Day?

Buckner will receive a percentage of bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas based on how much we raise on Sept. 20. By donating on North Texas Giving Day, your donation goes further to help protect children and strengthen families.

How do I give on North Texas Giving Day?

It’s easy! Log onto from 6 a.m. until midnight on Sept. 20 and donate using a credit or debit card. Remember to designate Buckner Children and Family Services as the nonprofit of your choice.

If you don’t have time to give on Sept. 20, you can schedule your donation any time between Sept. 10 at 8 a.m. and Sept. 19 at midnight. Your scheduled gift will be processed from your credit card or debit account on Sept. 20, the day of North Texas Giving Day. If you schedule your gift, you’ll receive two emails from the Communities Foundation of Texas. The first will be an email confirming your gift has been scheduled and will be processed on Sept. 20. The second email will let you know your gift has been processed on Sept. 20. The second email can be used as a tax receipt.

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