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Sometimes you can do everything right … and it still isn’t enough.

The economic crisis we’re all facing has hit the senior adult vulnerable population especially hard — and they can’t recover on their own. 

Our society too often neglects senior adults.

They spend their lifetime sacrificing for their families, their communities and many also for the safety of our nation — but in their twilight years they’re often forgotten. 

They deserve better. 

While similar facilities refuse care to senior adults who can no longer afford it, Buckner stands out by saying, “You can outlive your finances, but you can’t outlive the care we have for you.” 

It’s a commitment that comes straight from God’s heart.  Because if God won’t walk away from us while we’re in need, how can we walk away from them?

Please consider a special investment to help cover the cost of care for 67 Buckner residents in desperate need of a lifeline.  

Because they’d planned and saved, but recent stock market plunges — or an unexpected loss or simply outliving their resources — have left them with nothing.

The good news is some generous friends have come forward to match every gift to strengthen the Senior Care and Assistance Fund — up to $100,000!

This is critically important because the Buckner Senior Care and Assistance Fund fills in the gaps left by a senior’s depleted savings … so hope can shine through again.

Please give generously today, knowing your gift will double to help protect vulnerable senior adults in their moment of greatest need.


Financial Accountability

Buckner is committed to stewarding each and every gift to ensure it has maximum impact. As a result, Buckner has received several different accreditations.

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