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Help prevent a vulnerable child from experiencing a sad and lonely holiday season.

Imagine being separated from your loved ones this holiday season. When struggling parents face desperate hardships that put their children at risk of abuse or neglect, often times their children are removed and placed into the temporary care of extended family or the state as their parents struggle to get their lives back on track. 

Today, more than 445 boys and girls in the care of Buckner International are at risk of spending the holiday season away from their families. Each of these precious children has a story of trauma to tell, and every single one of them feels the heartache of loss and hopelessness.

These children need YOU, especially during the holiday season. 

You have an incredible opportunity to intervene in a child’s situation and make this a joyful season. It only costs $23 to provide a child’s basic needs until the end of the year.

That’s it.

$23 is enough to change a child’s life forever. 

The next few weeks will decide a child’s future. Your gift can empower them to experience the joy of the season. 

Use this secure form below to make your gift and help pull a boy or girl back from the brink of experiencing hopelessness.


Financial Accountability

Buckner is committed to stewarding each and every gift to ensure it has maximum impact. As a result, Buckner has received several different accreditations.

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