Planned giving is a way for you to make a lasting connection with children and families in need.

You can name Buckner as a beneficiary in your will, or as part of a trust or annuity arrangement. Working with a Buckner gift officer gives you the opportunity to plan and accomplish your philanthropic goals.

Buckner is the beneficiary of estates, private collections, real estate, minerals, vehicles and investment funds. Whatever the format, each gift answers a prayer to help make life better for children and families in need.

A personalized endowment fund
Creating a personalized endowment fund with Buckner allows you to choose how your gift will be used in ministry. Like a permanent savings account, the fund you name and support will be support ministry indefinitely as only the interest earned by the fund will be spent to help the initiatives you choose.

A Buckner gift annuity
A Buckner gift annuity provides a fixed and guaranteed income for you, while touching the lives of those Buckner is privileged to serve. It can be created for the life of one or two people. The annuity payment will be based on your age at the time you establish the annuity. Often income from a gift annuity is tax free.

Through your will
With a simple statement or amendment in your will, you can provide a dollar amount, specific piece of property, percentage of your estate, or what remains from your estate to help others through Buckner. Some individuals name Buckner as a secondary beneficiary in case a primary beneficiary may not survive them.

Buckner is happy to provide language to help donors in the making of their wills. Unless indicated otherwise by a donor, Buckner accepts bequests as permanent additions to endowment. We are honored to acknowledge the donor with a lasting memorial.

A charitable trust
A charitable trust established with Buckner may be of help to you now or at retirement while allowing you to support children, families and senior adults. A Charitable trust is ideal in turning highly appreciated or illiquid assets into current income for you and endowment for ministry.

The amount of income you receive will be based on your age and other factors at the time you make your gift. The amount of the deduction depends on several factors you can control.

The charitable lead trust allows you to transfer assets to a trust benefitting Buckner ministries for a specific number of years. At the end of that time the assets are returned to you or persons you name.

Your retirement plan
“Gifting” a portion of your qualified retirement account to Buckner can help eliminate taxes. A gift to Buckner through your retirement plan may be as simple as informing your financial advisor of a new beneficiary.

The gift of your home
You can “gift” your home now while retaining the use of the property for as long as you live. A large tax deduction – now – is just one of the benefits.

Having already arranged for the transfer of your property, it bypasses your estate, saving unnecessary worries for your family. Plus, you help those who need Buckner support.

Through life insurance
You may find that a life insurance policy purchased years ago is now unnecessary. You may want to consider a transfer of ownership of an existing policy or to purchase a new policy naming Buckner as the owner and beneficiary. In either case, an immediate income tax deduction may be claimed. Even premium payments to a policy owned by Buckner may be counted as charitable contributions.

Through the Buckner Give Life Program, you can make one of your greatest lifetime contributions through the donation of your unneeded life insurance policy. When you do, you’ll help Buckner continue our work with children, families and senior adults.

For more information about planned giving, contact Jayne Grimes at Buckner Foundation at:, by calling 214-758-8127; or by calling toll-free at 800-442-4800, ext. 808127.


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