After College at the University of Texas, I lived on the East Coast for almost 30 years, but my association with Baptist Retirement Center never wavered. My mother, Willie English, began working as a nurse aide in the Elsie Gayer Health Care Center sometime in the mid-1960’s. Later, in the 1980’s, when my stepfather’s health began to fail, he moved to Division VI located in Elsie Gayer Health Care Center and mother moved into a little duplex at 100 West Drive on the Baptist Retirement Community campus. She wanted to be near him. After he passed, she stayed in her duplex until her own health began to decline in the mid-90’s when she moved to Division II of Elsie Gayer Health Care Center until she passed away the fall of 1999 at the age of 93.

Much of my adult life has been centered around this wonderful community and all of Baptist Retirement Community's caring and faithful Christians. When my first wife passed away in San Antonio in 1997, I began planning to move to BRC. I made that move in early 1998 and have never regretted that decision for a minute. While living at 103 Camelot, I met and married a resident of BRC and, after moving across town in 2003 and her death in 2009, I once again came back home to Baptist Retirement Community. This time to the Henley-Mabee High Rise. I expect to live out my life on this campus because I know it will continue to fill all my needs.

- Granville “Gil” Gilstrap

I can’t say I’ve come full circle – yet – at Baptist Retirement Center – but my history for this beautiful place began in 1981 when my dad became a resident in Elsie Gayer Health Care Facility on the BRC campus followed by my mother several years later. In the interim, she lived in the village independently surrounded by neighbors who became her family. When I first saw the campus, something inside of me said “This will be your home someday.”

I have been privileged to serve on the board and being with leadership there convinced me even more of our future with BRC. Fortunately, my husband agreed, and in 2013, that became a reality when we moved to Northgate Estates on the campus. Our experience here have been nothing but excellent. The neighbors, the staff, the security and all of the other amenities offered surpassed any of the other places we considered. Would Ross and I do it over???? I can say a loud resounding “YES! We certainly would!”

- Ross & Jerry Jefferson

It is such a comfort to know that our parents have the care and safety they will need for the rest of their lives. There is not a need or service that BRC does not fill. The employees are so caring and generous with their time and information. We would highly recommend BRC.

- Lisa and Monti Eady

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