Should the need for 24-hour skilled nursing care ever arise, we offer long-term care conveniently located on our Westminster campus in the innovative Holly and Hawthorne Green House® Homes.

The Holly and Hawthorne Green House homes are warm, cozy home-like settings that comfort and care for just 10 residents with long-term care needs in each home. Each revolutionary Green House home is designed to de-institutionalize care, and provide a home where residents live, eat and socialize together – much like a typical family. With a separate clinical team and 10 private bedrooms and baths, residents experience professional care in a place they can truly call home – without sacrificing independence, comfort or privacy.

Your loved ones choose when to go to bed, when to get up, what they would like to eat and what they would like to wear – all with help from the home’s Shahbaz. Each Shahbaz is a certified nurse aid with additional hours of training in culinary skills, CPR, home management, activities, leadership and communication.

The accessible kitchen bustles with delicious aromas and activities, while residents enjoy warm family fellowship. We make sure our meals are resident-driven – often based on each resident’s favorite recipe. Because emotional health is vital to the overall well-being of The Green House elders, we offer a spacious, therapeutic garden for fresh air, exercise, activities and an opportunity to visit with family and neighbors. Plus, the homes include a beauty salon and therapy equipment. Current daily rate is $254 per day.

If you're looking for a true home to care for your loved one with long-term care needs, discover why the Holly and Hawthorne Green House homes have become the best choice in east Texas. Call 903-234-0000 to learn more.

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