“Just two days after we moved into Westminster Place, I was asked to sing a solo in the chapel service. It’s now a regular event, and as an ordained minister, Bobbie and I find it very rewarding to participate in the vibrant Christian lifestyle here.

The people are warm, caring and compassionate. The staff are quick to respond to any request, and their positive attitude is inspiring- particularly that of our Executive Director, Wes Wells.

We love our patio home, especially the outdoor area where Bobbie grows flowers and Dan tends his mini garden. We spend some of our time enjoying the beautiful setting with our toy poodle, Sweet Pea. The food is delicious, including the steak cookouts. We also enjoy the regular themed events. A recent one was ‘An Evening in Paris’ where we were served some superb French dishes.

We both appreciate the levels of care at Westminster Place. It’s good to know if one of us ever requires some additional support; the other can continue to live in our patio home. That’s just one more reason why Buckner is the better choice.” –Daniel & Bobbie Thuma

“I love living at Buckner Westminster Place! I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to cook, clean or do any tiresome chores - and I have made many wonderful friends here. The main reason Westminster Place is so appealing to me is because it is a not-for-profit, faith-based community. I attend chapel regularly and I very much admire Pastor Rick Webb, who leads the services.

The food at Westminster Place is delicious. My favorite dish is their meatloaf. Three times a week I take part in exercise classes, and I find them very energizing. One of my hobbies is carving wooden birds. I love honoring these creatures of God’s creation in this manner, and my favorite is the quail.

The staff at Buckner Westminster Place is excellent – they are very experienced and care a lot about what they do. Plus, it is reassuring to know that this is a complete continuing care community, (the only one in town) so I can enjoy my lifestyle the way I want to, long into the future.” –L.W. “Rusty” Lee

“Charles and I recently moved into Westminster Place and we just love it,” Mary Ellen Andrews said. “The people are fun and the staff is friendly. We have a two-bedroom and use the extra bedroom as a sewing room where I make wall hangings and quilts. The food is superb. I enjoy not having to cook although I still enjoy making my legendary ‘Chicken à la Mary Ellen’. Charles is thrilled about not having to mow the lawn. Westminster Place offers assisted living and skilled care, so we have peace of mind knowing we’re secure for the rest of our lives.”

“It’s wonderful to be in the company of people we enjoy,” Charles added. “It’s interesting how people respond when someone is interested in them. It has opened a lot of hearts. We looked at a dozen places, and we chose Westminster Place because it’s faith-based, non-profit and much more economical.” -Charles and Mary Allen Andrews

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