What is a CCRC?

A continuum care retirement community or CCRC is a community that offers different levels of living and care for residents’ changing needs. Many residents may enter Independent Living but as their needs change they may move to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing without leaving the community and those they have come to know.

What is the difference in a non-profit CCRC and a for-profit CCRC?

A not-for-profit senior living community is usually based from a religious or charitable foundation. Revenue received for services and housing is reinvested to maintain or improve the community’s lifestyle, physical plant, offered services and staffing–and to support the charitable organization. For-profit communities are priced to ensure the stakeholder, investors and/or managers receive a certain percentage of the revenue.

Why should I choose one of Buckner Retirement Services Communities? 

Ours is an organization of faith. It is the core of our passion, will and ability to serve others. It shapes our actions every single day with everything we do. You will be surrounded by loving individuals who will share in your joys and understand your hardships- people who want to build rewarding, lasting relationships.

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