"God sets the lonely in families…" – Psalm 68:6 (NIV)

Currently, more than 107,000 children are available for adoption in the United States with more than 6,800 children available for adoption in Texas, many who have been abandoned or removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Buckner is dedicated to recruiting and approving loving, qualified adoptive homes to help children achieve permanency through our various adoption ministries.

Waiting Texas Children: Provide permanent homes for children in foster care whose parents’ rights have been terminated and are available for adoption through Child Protective Services. Many of these children awaiting adoption are older children and teenagers or in a sibling group. If they are never adopted, children anywhere between ages 18 and 21 will “age out” of the system with limited or no support or care.

Foster-to-adopt: Provide permanent homes for children who, after residing in your foster care, become available for adoption. Buckner is both a licensed Texas foster care provider (partially funded by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services) and a licensed adoption agency, so our foster-to-adopt services offer you the possibility to adopt from foster care should adoption become part of the child’s plan.

Domestic infant adoption: Provide permanent homes for newborns whose birth parents have made a voluntary plan of open adoption and want to maintain a relationship with the adoptive family. Buckner Maternity Services works with birth parents during pregnancy to help them determine the best plan for their baby’s future. If adoption is believed to be the best option, the birth parents choose the adoptive family, and Buckner supports both the birth parents and the adoptive family through education, counseling and support groups.

Intercountry adoption and global permanency: Buckner is a Hague-accredited adoption service provider that offers intercountry adoption services in collaboration with other agencies. Download our intercountry adoption guide for more information about the intercountry adoption services we offer. Click here for information on Buckner's agency placement statistics and international adoption fees.

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