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Give waiting children new shoes... and hope!

42,000 children are waiting right now for something you and I take for granted … shoes and socks.

  • Shoes to protect little feet from icy mountain paths and scorching sands.
  • Shoes to keep them safe from disease and injury.
  • Shoes to show children they have not been forgotten – they are loved by God.

New shoes put children on the path to hope and a future.  For children, shoes mean:

•    Health by protecting against disease and infection
•    Education by lowering barriers to school attendance
•    Hope by demonstrating worth and God’s love
•    Opportunity by connecting families to holistic ministry

This is why we're asking for your best gift today.  And thanks to a generous corporate partner, for each pair of shoes you give, another pair will be donated to show TWICE as many children God’s love …

A gift of $150 dollars would normally provide 10 children with urgently needed shoes but today, your gift provides 20 precious children with shoes. 

Please, give immediately – and help ensure every child waiting receives a new pair of shoes and a fresh dose of hope! 

Thank you for your compassionate decision to provide shoes and socks for children living in poverty.


Financial Accountability

Buckner is committed to stewarding each and every gift to ensure it has maximum impact. Gifts received above the specific need will be used for other programs where the need is greatest.

Buckner has received several different accreditations.

Security & Privacy

All online donations made on this page are sent with a secure, encrypted connection. Your personal and financial information will remain private.