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Do you need boy or girl shoes?

We take both, but we always receive more girls’ shoes and thus need more boy shoe donations.

Do you need boys or girls shoes?

We take both, but we always receive more girls’ shoes and thus need more boy shoe donations.

Do you accept used shoes?

We ask that all shoes donated to the program be in new, unworn condition. If someone in your drive doesn’t understand and gives you a used pair of shoes in good condition, we will give them out in our domestic aid centers or with partner ministries. However, only new shoes will be given to the children in our programs.

Where do the shoes go?

We have delivered shoes through Buckner and partner ministries to over 80 countries. The shoes are primarily distributed through Buckner programs both in the U.S. and around the world. Approximately 20% of the shoes we collect remain in the U.S.

Can I designate where my shoes go?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the exact shoes you have donated will end up in a particular location – we have to sort them and then send them based on need. However, you are more than welcome to focus your efforts on a particular country or city in the U.S. and know that some of your shoes will end up there.

How do I register for a shoe drive?

You can visit buckner.org/shoes and select “Host a Shoe Drive.” If you’re participating in a community drive, be sure to visit the “Shoe Drives Listing” to select your community drive so you can receive specific materials. You also are welcome to call (214) 939-7171 if you have any questions.

How long do drives last?

However long you’d like! We recommend at least one month, but if you’re doing a drive for a special event or you want to do it over the course of a whole season, it’s entirely up to you!

What do I do with the posters and brochures?

You can use them to publicize your drive! Feel free to write more information in the white space on the posters and pass out brochures to people to let them know why you’re collecting shoes. If you need more, just let us know by calling (214) 939-7171 or emailing shoes@buckner.org.

Do you have videos online that I can use?

Yes! We have some available for download on our resource page (buckner.org/shoes/resources) and also at our YouTube channel (youtube.com/BucknerIntl)

Do you prefer monetary or in-kind donations?

We love both, of course! If you’ve raised money and are debating whether to go shoe shopping, we do have relationships with manufacturers and can order shoes directly from wholesalers, which not only gives us a good price but also allows us to meet the specific size and gender needs of the program. We also understand the fun of picking out that specific pair of shoes to bless a child – either way, we’re so grateful for your donation.

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