IN THE MEDIA: Riverside to take shoes in lieu of payment at basketball game

We love seeing innovative ways people collect shoes for Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls. Last week, instead of charging a ticket fee, a high school in Ohio collected socks and shoes as a way to watch the varsity boy's basketball game.

"It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to watch Friday’s Temple Christian boys basketball game at Riverside.

"It could cost you a pair of shoes and socks, though.

"Interact Club at Riverside will be collecting footwear as payment for a free seat at the high school boys’ basketball game against Temple Christian on Friday in DeGraff. The shoes and socks, with the help of the Bellefontaine Rotary Club and Buckner International, will then be sent around the world, possibly ending up in Peru, Papua New Guinea or one of another hundred places where shoes, something we too often take for granted here in the Heartland, are sorely needed."

Check out the story here!


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