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Celebrating 70 years of impact with fun, fellowship and looking to the future

Buckner International celebrates anniversary of becoming a licensed child placing agency in 1953

In 1953, you could purchase a six-pack of Coca Cola for just 29 cents or watermelon at only six cents a pound. Picturing life 70 years ago might be a challenge for many of us today. But for Buckner, it changed the way adoption unfolded and allowed children to be better protected by state laws.

Texas-sized fun to celebrate Texas-sized impact

This year, Buckner celebrated 70 years since receiving the official licensing as a “child placing agency” in Texas. To celebrate, more than 200 attendees gathered for lunch, fellowship and worship.
At the Buckner Adoption Celebration on Oct. 21, adoptive families, adult adopted persons and their families, as well as Buckner adoption staff and former staff, came out for a Texas-themed fair festival. 
They enjoyed fair games, a cotton candy machine, corn dogs, churros and a Frito pie bar. With the fun fair-themed party, Augustina Puente, Buckner Family Hope Center® at Reed Road alumni, handcrafted beautiful cookies featuring game tickets, Ferris wheels and cowboy hats.

Larissa Plunto, Buckner International major donor officer, emceed the event. She was adopted through Buckner as an infant through the former Buckner Maternity Home in San Antonio, Texas.
“While my adoption story doesn’t define me, it was part of what led me to a career of service – first in politics and now with Buckner,” Plunto shared. “We have all been touched by adoption in different ways. We are here to celebrate that and each of you.”
Chris LawrenceChris Lawrence, WFAA anchor in Dallas, was the keynote speaker. He is an adult adopted person and shared some of his insight and personal experience with adoption. 

Life as an adult adopted person doesn’t have to be in isolation

Attendees were able to fellowship with others throughout the event. For two women, this event was a special opportunity worth so much.
Tammy and her husband traveled five hours to come to the celebration. She was adopted as an infant and her mother lived at the Buckner Maternity Home in Dallas. 
At the registration table, stickers were available for adult adopted persons to add to their name tag. Tammy grabbed one to add to her name tag and she and her husband went to find an empty table.
Deanne entered the event a little bit later and chose to add the sticker to her name tag too. Walking into the event room, Deanne looked around to find a place for her and her husband to sit for lunch. Tammy looked up and saw their matching stickers and excitedly invited the couple over to their table.
Throughout lunch and the celebration, the two women laughed and talked and found out how deep their similarities run. Both of their mothers lived at the Dallas maternity home and gave birth just a few months apart. 
Tammy and Deanne experienced a special connection through an experience not many else can share. 

A recognition from the office of the Texas Governor

In addition to the celebration, to commemorate 70 years of serving adoptive families, Governor Greg Abbott sent an official recognition and best wishes.
It reads, “On this special occasion and hereafter, I hope that you feel deep satisfaction in the impactful work you have done and that you look to the future with renewed enthusiasm. You have indeed made the Lone Star State a better, brighter place, but I am certain the best is yet to come.”
And we know that to be true: the best is yet to come for those experiencing adoption today and who have experienced it in the past. Buckner is so grateful to be a part of so many lives and to continue serving the most vulnerable. 

Find out more about how you can be a part of the adoption legacy with Buckner.

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