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Looking for more information? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Why does Buckner have a marriage requirement?

The adaptability and frequent change involved with foster care require a lot of resiliency and flexibility. It’s important for married couples to have a strong foundation before they embark on this adventure together so they are fully on the same page.

Do I have to own a home to foster?

No. As long as the home meets minimum standards requirements, it is fine to rent or own.

Should I foster if I have biological children?

Foster care is a family ministry. Biological kids are often the first to connect with new placements in the home.

What support is available to me as a foster parent?

Buckner offers counseling, 24 hour on-call support, trauma-informed training, respite coordination, camp retreats, and more.

Where do these children come from?

Most of the children we serve have been removed from their home by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services because of abuse or neglect by their parents or caregivers. We provide foster care for these children until their situations can be resolved by a permanent plan.

How can I handle the emotional and/or behavioral issues these children have?

Our experienced foster care and adoption staff will train you just like any other licensed professional. You will be part of a treatment team that consists of child therapists, psychologists and caseworkers. Buckner provides on-call help 24 hours a day as well as an assigned caseworker that will provide in-home support on a regular basis.

Can I specify the type of children I want?

Hopefully, you will be as open as possible regarding your preferences and giftedness during the home study process. We want to know your particular gifts and skill sets so that we can make the best possible match between your family interests and skills that meet the needs of the child being considered for placement. Keep in mind the more narrow your preference, the harder it will be to make a match. You will always be given the opportunity to consider all of the information we have about each child we match with your family before making a decision to accept a placement or not.

What if I get attached to my foster child?

We hope you do. Experienced foster parents see helping a child move on to the place they are meant to be as part of their ministry. This can be hard, but there is deep satisfaction in knowing you have been effective in making a difference in a child’s life. As one family put it, “We know God has His hands on their lives. He brought them to us, we prayed for them, and we know that God will not let our efforts be in vain.”

We live out of state. Will you work with us for placement of a child?

Buckner foster care, foster-to-adopt and Waiting Texas Children ministries only place children in qualifying families in Texas due to limitations of state licensing and contracts.

How do I start the foster care or adoption journey?

Sign up for a virtual information meeting! You can register here.

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