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What is family coaching?

Families meet with a Buckner social worker who performs a holistic evaluation of the family’s situation and needs, including living conditions, family income, education, job skills ability and more. The family and the Buckner social worker work together to set goals and develop a customized plan for transformation.

This plan could include several steps and short-term and long-term goals such as learning small business skills, taking a parenting class or spending a certain number of hours volunteering at the Hope Center. It all depends on the family’s needs and goals. The average length of time needed to complete a transformation plan is six to nine months.

What types of services do Family Hope Centers offer?

Our core programs are designed to engage, equip and elevate families on various levels. Families and individuals determine which services to take advantage of, however, all Family Hope Centers offer the following: 

• Family assistance
• Community events

• Parent education
• Adult education
• Financial empowerment
• Child and youth development
• Spiritual development

• Family coaching
• Counseling
• Spiritual enrichment

Who is served at the Family Hope Centers?

Family Hope Centers serve vulnerable children and families living in extreme poverty in the community surrounding the center. At Family Hope Centers in our international locations, staff make personal visits to each household in the community to assess needs and help people get connected with services. Clients also often come to the Family Hope Centers through outreach events such as block parties, health screenings, educational events, sports camps or Vacation Bible School events.

How many individuals and families are served through Family Hope Centers each year?

We serve about 150,000 people through all of the services offered at Hope Centers in the United States and around the world.

How can I volunteer at a Family Hope Center?

You can find volunteer opportunities at our domestic Family Hope Centers and other ministries by searching Volunteer Central, our database of current volunteer opportunities

You can also serve at one of our international Family Hope Centers by going on a mission trip with Buckner. Learn more about our missions opportunities here.

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