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Churches are called to be the hands and the feet of Jesus to communities and other areas around the world that need hope. Why does the world need church outreach and compassion ministries?

According to Gallup, U.S. church membership has decreased by 50%, and one in five Americans don’t identify with a religious denomination. The number of people attending church continues to decline (Pew Forum). Eighty-one percent of people attend church to become closer to God, and there’s no better way to do that than through opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who need hope. 

Buckner International can help your church congregation serve others in your community and around the world. Whether it’s your entire church, Sunday school class, youth group, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, compassion ministry or other population in your church, the hopeless need to see the love of Jesus in action.  

No matter how your church is called to serve others, there is something for every calling at Buckner. We serve vulnerable children, empower and support single parents, help strengthen and preserve families and inspire happiness with senior citizens. We also have mission and service project opportunities. Buckner makes it easy for your church to get involved and make a difference. A plan can be customized to align with your church’s vision and ministry goals. We can even help you create a plan if your church doesn’t have one. 

These may be questions church members ask about before starting or expanding community or global outreach programs or compassion ministries:

  • How can my church get more involved in our community?
  • How can our church make a global impact in third-world countries where poverty and other issues affect vulnerable children and orphans?
  • What can I do to raise awareness in my church for community outreach needs?
  • What are the greatest needs for children from hard places?
  • What kind of service projects are there for small, medium or large churches?
  • What skills and talents can our members contribute to mentor people in need?

Who do you feel called to work with?

  • Children removed from their biological families and are in the Texas foster care system or waiting to be adopted
  • Youth who aged out of the Texas foster care system and have no family
  • Single moms pursuing a higher education and recovering from domestic abuse or other struggles to achieve a stable and safe home for their children
  • Local Texas families in poverty with children at risk of going into foster care or human trafficking
  • Immigrants to Texas who must adapt to a new culture, navigate immigration laws, find employment, learn to speak English and help their children assimilate to change
  • International children in impoverished and underdeveloped countries who may not have access to new shoes or school supplies
  • International families experiencing poverty with limited skills to create economic opportunities to support their family, putting children at risk of abandonment, trafficking or international adoption
  • Texas or international families who would benefit from a home build, home repairs, or other financial support to help break out of the poverty cycle
  • Economic strengthening for Texas or international families living in poverty by providing job skills education and other training using church member talents 

See how other churches work with Buckner to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who most need hope.

Buckner works with churches throughout Texas and in other states with our missions and Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® program. Many churches are involved in more than one Buckner ministry area.

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Southcrest Baptist Church - Lubbock, Texas
Church outreach: Family Hope Center, Foster Care and Adoption, Shoes for Orphan Souls

Southcrest Baptist Church members are quick to answer the call to help with the Buckner Family Hope Center in Lubbock that exists to strengthen and preserve families to help children avoid going into the foster care system. Southcrest also shines hope to children currently in the Texas foster care system by assisting with back-to-school shoe drives through Shoes for Orphan Souls and sponsoring foster families with meals, prayer, support and friendship. Read more about Southcrest Baptist’s church outreach initiatives in collaboration with Buckner.


Watermark Community Church - Dallas, Texas

Church outreach: Foster Care and Adoption, Missions, Financial Giving
With four campuses and more than 12,000 members, Buckner is grateful to have so many church members embracing foster care and adoption. Watermark hosts pre-adoption classes to help prepare families called to adopt before they even choose an agency. Watermark is actively involved in various Buckner missions and gives financially to help support vulnerable children and initiatives to strengthen families so children do not end up in crisis situations. Learn more about Watermark’s outreach and compassion ministries.

globe.png Memorial Baptist Church - Taylor, Texas
Church outreach: International Missions, Financial Giving

Memorial Baptist Church has 125 mission-focused members. Forty-two percent of its tithes go toward missions. Since 1999, Memorial Baptist has helped serve vulnerable populations through various Buckner ministries. Most of its generosity has blessed missions work in Mexico to help strengthen families living in poverty or faced with other life challenges that affect children. Memorial Baptist helped fund child-feeding programs, a greenhouse building project for economic strengthening to benefit families living in poverty, vans for children’s foster group homes, building homes for families in poverty, and hurricane relief. See how your church may get involved in outreach programs like Memorial Baptist.
church-icon-blue.png New Beginnings Bible Church - Menlo, Georgia
Church outreach: Shoes for Orphan Souls

New Beginnings Bible Church proves that the size of a church doesn’t matter when it comes to making a kingdom impact. This dynamic and focused congregation has been a longtime, faithful supporter of Shoes for Orphan Souls, benefiting vulnerable children who may not have access to a new pair of shoes for school or where they may live internationally. Is your church ready to shine hope like New Beginnings?
family-holding-hands.png First Baptist Church - Frankston, Texas
Church outreach: Family Pathways, Volunteerism, Camp Buckner

First Baptist Church is passionate about helping people in need across Texas. With a heart for single parents caring for children who have experienced trauma from the breakup of their family, First Baptist in Frankston desires to show hope and compassion for those experiencing tough seasons. By volunteering at Camp Buckner where single parents come for a time of fellowship with their children, First Baptist truly becomes the hands and feet of Jesus to these individuals in need. At Buckner there are many ways to get involved and serve communities and vulnerable populations. Read more about First Baptist’s compassion and outreach initiatives.
hugging.png Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Plano, Texas
Church outreach: Youth Volunteer Opportunities, Shoes for Orphan Souls, Humanitarian Aid, Foster Care and Adoption

Shiloh’s youth ministry's and Buckner’s mission statements align perfectly. Buckner provides a place for Shiloh’s youth to volunteer and serve others. From Shoes for Orphan Souls shoe drives and volunteering at the Buckner Humanitarian Aid Center to helping serve foster care children and parents at Camp Buckner, Shiloh’s youngest members get to serve others and learn what it’s like to shine hope to those who need it most. Learn more about Shiloh’s outreach model and how they serve in a variety of ways.
bible.png First Baptist Church - Longview, Texas
Church Outreach: Financial Giving, Missions, Foster Care and Adoption, Family Pathways, Family Hope Center, Humanitarian Aid, Events

Twenty-three mission trips. Empowerment class leaders and volunteers. Toy drives for vulnerable children. Camp Buckner construction projects. School supplies for Longview children. Youth volunteers. And of course, financial support. First Baptist Church in Longview is not only the hands and feet but a bright shining light to the vulnerable children and families Buckner serves in Longview, throughout Texas and international countries where Buckner operates. The impact First Baptist has made is widespread and enduring. They are a great example of putting outreach into action.


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