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Serving with Buckner Missions

What if you fully utilized your gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of children and families?

Engage in projects designed to support growth in families physically, mentally and spiritually.

As individuals and families become equipped to navigate the varying circumstances of today, Buckner Missions invites you to participate in supporting the people we serve through our holistic programs. 

Healthy housing

In many cases, it can take 15 or more years for families living in the Texas Colonias to build a home on their own. However, with the help of the Buckner Family Hope Center® locations and the Healthy Housing program, this process can be expedited to just a few months. As families develop healthy behaviors and communication strategies through key services, aid and coaching, they become eligible for the Healthy Housing program. 

When a family is ready, they can apply for this housing program where we connect churches and groups to come alongside families as they construct their homes. Through the Healthy Housing program, families have access to a safe and healthy home, leading to lasting change in the family’s social and emotional well-being.

Ask us about getting your church or group involved in building a home with a family in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. We can work with groups of all skill levels and have other church partners who can assist in sharing their expertise and knowledge, as well. 

Contact us at missions@buckner.org to learn more.

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Funding for families

Donate the cost of your mission trip to help provide life-giving services to families we serve, who are in critical need of support. Your generosity matters.


Project prayer

Over the past year, we’ve received prayer requests from our brothers and sisters around the world and have recognized an opportunity for the Church to get involved. We are asking individuals and churches here in the United States to join us in praying for families around the world.

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