Go on a quest to Medieval England while you are at Camp Buckner. We will take your students through several scenarios where they can experience life in the Middle Ages.

The courses we offer

bdiscovery160130.jpgRotation 1: The Medieval Fair
The town crier will welcome the students to a festival day (festivals will vary according to the month of the visit. Examples include Lammas, Michaelmas, St. Crispin’s Day). Students will peruse the goods on sale at the brightly-colored stalls and play Medieval games such as
  • Nine Men’s Morris
  • Maypole dancing
  • The bowling green
  • Jousting
  • Blind man’s buff
  • Depending on the season, crafts such as Pace Eggs or Love Lanterns will be made.

  • Rotation 2: The Age of Chivalry
    Students will start at the archery range to learn the skills required by all squires and aspiring knights. A trebuchet contest will follow archery 101 and this rotation will finish up with a falconry display and explanation of falconry terms such as hood, jesses and lures.

    Rotation 3: The Canterbury Tales
    Students will make a pilgrimage on foot to the pilgrimage site of Canterbury Cathedral and the shrine of St. Thomas a Beckett. Students will learn about and receive pilgrim badges, do some brass rubbing and practice their illuminations in the scriptorium.

    Rotation 4: The Anatomy of a Castle
    Our whiffle ball field will be transformed into a Medieval castle for the day! Students will learn the component parts of a Medieval castle including the motte, bailey, drawbridge and keep. At this station, students will then play a team building game simulating the attack and defense of the castle.

    Rotation 5: The Dig Site
    Breaking character slightly, one of our counselors will facilitate a Medieval period excavation. Students will learn basic excavation technique and learn about the significance of both man-made and natural artifacts found within their trenches. Students will brainstorm to discover the function and importance of their dig site and learn about the recent discovery of the body of Richard III in Leicester, England.

    Lunch at the Great Hall
    Students will gather in the Great Hall of the Manna/Manor House for a communal lunch. The Great Hall will host a resplendent display of Medieval pageantry with pennants and heraldic flags and students will eat a traditional Plowman’s lunch whilst watching our jester juggle and listening to our minstrel strum some of the ‘latest’ Medieval ballards.

    After lunch, depending upon the time of year, students will enjoy swimming in our wonderful pool or challenge themselves with a team building initiative as part of our ropes course program.


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