Ready to be inspired? Meet our adoptive families.

Did you know there are approximately 7,000 children waiting to be adopted in Texas? They are just like you and me, longing to experience the love and acceptance of a tribe they can call their own.

Each November during National Adoption Month, we celebrate the redemption, hope and beauty in adoption stories. But each adoption story also has challenges, tests and trials.

Join us as we celebrate adoption during the month of November by sharing the stories of families who’ve been surprised by the joy and strength they’ve found to persevere in this worthwhile journey. You’ll meet some amazing parents and children who are — today more than ever — thankful to be a family, forever.



Looking for more information?

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about helping vulnerable children through foster care and adoption.

I’m ready to start my foster care or adoption journey. What next?

We’re so glad you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to open your home to a child in need — whether for a time or forever. Take the next step by attending an information meeting in your area, or contact our team to learn more about the process.

I’m considering foster care and/or adoption, but I’m not quite ready to take the next step. However, I still want to help these children and their families. What can I do?

While we recognize that not everyone is called to foster or adopt, everyone can help. One great way to help foster families is by becoming a respite care provider. Respite care providers provide relief care to foster families for longer than 72 hours, usually on weekends and vacations. This is an important service for foster families, as it helps prevent burnout and allows time for families to have date nights, attend to family emergencies or go on vacations planned before they received a new placement. Learn more about respite care from one of our respite families here.

I know a foster or foster-to-adopt family in my neighborhood. I’m thankful for what they’re doing, and I want to help them. But how?

Start by simply asking them what they need. You could organize a meal train for families welcoming new placements; offer to help with yard work; or volunteer to collect items they need for the children in their care such as clothing, diapers or school supplies. You can also give them a break – volunteer to babysit so parents can have a night out or watch the kids while the parents attend trainings. You could even gather a group of friends to be certified as respite care providers, so families can take a weekend to rest and recharge.

I don’t know any foster or adoptive families personally, but I still want to support them as they care for vulnerable children. What can I do?

Visit to find opportunities to serve foster and adoptive families at your local Buckner office. Opportunities include providing child care during foster parent trainings, helping host parties and more.

I don’t have a lot of extra time, but I still want to help. What should I do?

Another way you can help children in foster care is by making a gift to Buckner. While Buckner does receive funds for foster care from the state, those funds do not cover all of the expenses incurred by foster families. By donating to Buckner to support foster families, you’re helping make sure families have access to all the services they need, including counseling, clothing assistance and more.




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We’re celebrating National Adoption Month this November.
Follow along for helpful resources and inspiring stories of hope found in hard places through adoption.

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