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When Hurricane Harvey tore through Beaumont, Texas, it left significant parts of the city underwater and without power. Then the city lost water after flooding near a pump station along the Neches River.  

In the middle of it all was the Buckner Assessment Center, which provides temporary care for children removed from their homes as a result of abuse or neglect as well as Buckner foster families who had lost everything.

Buckner International leaders surveyed the situation and decided to evacuate the children and families if at all possible.

Buckner sought help from the military and the Coast Guard. Neither could help provide safe transportation for that large of a group. But one long-time friend was determined to find a solution: Halliburton.

The Houston-based company leveraged its influence and finances to find a bus company that would safely transport the children through standing water from Beaumont to Camp Buckner near Burnet. When the children arrived, they streamed off the bus, relieved to be in the safety and serenity of the Texas Hill Country
where they stayed until it was safe to return.

“Children come to the Buckner Assessment Center as a result of abuse and neglect,” said Buckner Development Officer Adam McKinney. “They’ve already suffered through trauma. Then the hurricane came, creating more anxiety. Halliburton went above and beyond the call of duty to get these children to safety. We will forever be grateful for what they did.”

The assistance is part of Halliburton’s continued support of Buckner efforts to protect children and strengthen families. The company has been particularly supportive of the Buckner Family Hope Center at Houston/Aldine.

“Halliburton employees have it in their blood to help each other, help their neighbors, help their community,” said Emily Mir, director of Halliburton public relations. “Halliburton supports the Buckner Family Hope Center at Houston/Aldine because it’s less than three miles from the Halliburton corporate headquarters. It’s a neighbor. We see the needs to our immediate community being met through the Buckner Family Hope Center through our donations, through our contributions, through our efforts.”

McKinney is grateful Halliburton is part of the Buckner family. “During the most difficult times, families pull together,” McKinney said. “That’s exactly what the Buckner family did during Hurricane Harvey and continues to do after. Halliburton is a crucial part of those efforts to shine hope throughout Southeast Texas.” 

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