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10 ways to be a good father: Advice from grandfathers to young dads

With Father's Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to hear from some of the grandfathers who live in our Buckner senior living communities about advice they would give to young fathers today about how to be good dads. 

“I would tell every new dad to be patient and loving with his children. Always spend as much time with them as you can to help them develop good character traits.” –Jimmy Givens, Calder Woods

“Share every moment you can with your children. They grow up so fast! My children had children and now my grandchildren are starting to get married. The time goes by so fast!” –Greg Cottington, Calder Woods

“I would tell every new father to be very kind to the mother of his children. She needs their love, support and help. He should always try to be available to help whenever it is needed.” –Mack Fulbright, Calder Woods

“Try to have one meal a day together without TV or other interruptions.” –Roland Johnson, Buckner Villas

“Spend all the time you can with your family and then a little more. Nobody ever died saying, “I wish I had spent more time at my job.” –Gus Browning, Buckner Villas

“Don’t let Mama raise the children by herself. You should change diapers too – with love.” –Ray Horton, Buckner Villas

“Teach your children to play chess.” –Jerry Gaultney, Buckner Villas

“Father’s should make time to read the Bible with their family. This is something that I feel doesn’t happen as much anymore. I think we are losing precious family togetherness time and reading the Bible as a family helps preserve the sanctity of keeping the family together.” –Ed Forehand, Baptist Retirement Community

“Enjoy your family as long as you can. Also, children should honor their parents. Usually parents end up putting up with a lot!” –Bruce McLaren, Baptist Retirement Community

“Patience, patience, patience and always tell your kids the truth!” –Darrell Lemons, materials management director at Baptist Retirement Community

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