10-year-old boy tells mom: 'You're my superhero'

Halloween gives you the opportunity to dress up as someone famous, a person you admire or your hero. We asked 10-year-old Julian Flores who his hero was and he didn't need any time to think about it. He quickly responded with, "My mom." 

"She's there for me every day and she's kind, nice and smart," Julian said for why his mom is his superhero. "She cooks for me all the time and just does everything for me." 

What's his favorite thing mom makes: chorizo and egg tacos. 

Single mom Crystal Flores beamed as Julian praised her. 

"He always gets me," she said. "I'm so proud of him and he makes me realize I'm raising him right." 

Julian and Crystal have been attending the Buckner Family Hope Center at the Texas Rangers MLB Youth Academy in Dallas for the last year after hearing about the program from the local high school that Crystal works at. Crystal has taken some parenting classes and Julian attends the after-school programming. They both have seen a difference in how they react to situations and to each other. 

"I see a positive change in Julian," Crystal said. 



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