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3 ways to discuss freedom with your children on Independence Day

Fourth of July can be a magical time for a child. Between the picnics, games and fantastic firework displays, there is no shortage of fun and engaging ways for kids to celebrate the holiday. 

Independence Day can also be a unique time of celebration and learning for children. Here are three conversations you can have with your children to develop a deep and meaningful connection with Independence Day and the topic of freedom. 

What is freedom?

Encourage your children to think about what freedom truly is, both in this country and in Christ. Does it mean we can do whatever we want? Or is there something deeper? Reflect upon Galatians 5.

How did the United States become free?

Share a bit of history with your children, including the Revolutionary War and the sacrifices people have made throughout the history of our nation to protect our freedom.

Discuss what it means to make a sacrifice. What would they be willing to make sacrifices for?

How do we find freedom as individuals?

Talk about the sacrifice Christ made on the cross so we can have a relationship with God. Discuss the importance of that sacrifice and the specific ways Christ's love gives us new new life. Share ways you can honor Christ's sacrifice. 

Use John 3:16-22 and John 8:31-32 to help frame your discussion with your kids. 

See how you can help vulnerable children and families in your community. 

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