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3D perspective on the future

Continuing the conversation on demographics, diversity and destiny

"Demographics, diversity, and destiny" was the title of my first blog on this topic. Dr. Thom Wolf, founder and international president of University Institute, engaged with my article and referred to it as a 3D perspective, so I am running with his perceptive response.

Where are we headed over the next 20 years in terms of demographics, diversity and destiny?

The Texas Demographic Center reports that the population of Texas will grow from 29 million to 36 million by 2030, a 24% increase in just seven fast years. In that same time, the Hispanic population will become a clear majority population from 2023 through 2030 and beyond. 

I mentioned in my first blog that the tipping point of a Hispanic-population majority is on track to happen in 2022. One study reported that 29% of all households in Texas are Spanish-speaking already. When you focus this growth in Texas’ large cities, by 2040 Austin will be the fastest growing city in the United States, doubling in size to reach 2 million, followed by increases in Houston (66.7%), San Antonio (57.3%), Dallas-Fort Worth (53.4%), and McAllen-Edinburg (51.3%).

During the next 18 years we will see the population dramatically expand in Texas. 

The opportunities for business expansion and growth, the need for quality education for Texas citizens, the need for more congregations to share the gospel and offer hope, and the increase in the number of children who are vulnerable and families in crisis will continue to expand as our state grows.

Continue reading the full article on Dr. Albert Reyes' blog. 

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