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5 ways to celebrate dad on Father's Day

Creative ways to show your dad he's the best

We know you want to celebrate your dad. He works hard throughout the year and is committed to your family. 

Father’s Day is the perfect time to remind him how special he is to you and your family. 

From fathers and grandfathers to fathers-in-law, uncles and other father figures, we have five creative ways to celebrate the dad in your life. 

Throw a pizza party 

Everyone loves a party and is there anything better than a pizza party? Decorate the room with festive banners and streamers and don’t forget the party music.

Whether you order in or make your own pizzas, everyone will enjoy hanging out together while munching on their favorite slice. And if you really want to bring back the vibes of an old-school pizza party, break out the video games and enjoy some friendly competition. 

Put on a show 

Is your dad an entertainment junkie? Does he love live concerts, the theater or stand-up comedy shows? If so, you can recreate his favorite entertainment.

Set up a stage and act out a scene from his favorite play or jam out to his favorite music. He’s sure to love it even more since the show will star his favorite people – his family. 

Participate in a paper airplane competition 

Perfect for gathering in the yard, organize a paper plane competition with your family. Give every member a certain amount of time to create their best paper airplane out of construction paper and other supplies.

Then line up and toss your paper airplane in the air to discover whose plane can go the distance. I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs as you try to make the perfect aerodynamic plane. 

Get creative

Skip the line at the stores and create a special greeting card. From hand paints and markers to stencils and stickers, there are countless ways to make a one-of-a-kind card for your dad.

Or step it up a notch and make this special paper bag Father’s Day book. You can always search Pinterest for other crafty ideas that are sure to make your dad smile. 

Spend some quality time 

At the end of the day, Dad’s favorite thing is just spending time with those he loves most. Carve out some time to do his favorite activity.

Whether it’s hiking, swimming, gardening or playing a game or puzzle, your dad is guaranteed to appreciate quality moments with his favorite people. 

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Manisha Sahu says:
Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas on how to celebrate father's day. Thank you for the inspiration and for helping me make this father's day one to remember!

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