7 reasons you should do something different with your summer

Project Go is a month-long summer volunteer program for college students and young adults to travel to a foreign country, immerse themselves in the culture and serve God in new ways. It's a big step into the unknown but almost everyone who does it agrees that it's life-changing. Don't believe us? See the stories below!


1. "God is calling you to be his hands and feet to serve his people in a new location." –Heather Villareal // Texas Tech University // Russia 2014 and Dominican Republic 2015

2. "By doing Project Go, you are spending your summer in such a meaningful way. You are serving God, meeting the world and his kingdom. My experience with Project Go was different and challenging but changed how I lived my life beyond a summer experience." –Megan Levers // Texas A & M University // Kenya 2012 and Kenya 2013

3. "You should Go to explore how God can use you in ways you never imagined." –Elena Hall // Baylor University // Russia 2015

4. "It is a great way to learn about other culture by getting to invest in a community and in a country's people without worrying about studying or other worldly things. It’s a way to spread the love of Christ like we are called as his disciples and make friends along the way!" –Claire Mosley // Baylor University // Peru 2013 and Guatemala 2015

5. "Although initially we had a few reservations about cultural differences, we came out with a beautiful reminder that God’s love is completely universal – it isn’t held by language or worship style." –Allison Wright // University of Missouri // Rio Grande Valley, Texas 2013

6. "You want adventure. Whether it is exploring trying to order food from a menu written in Russian or exploring the city of Santo Domingo, you will find adventure. It is a time you are able to learn about culture and people all while serving the Lord." –Heather Villareal // Texas Tech University // Russia 2014 and Dominican Republic 2015

7. "Project Go is the perfect opportunity to do something beyond yourself with a summer. The Lord will provide for you, grow you and change your perspective on his grace through this experience. It's a chance to see the sovereignty of God up close. Truly the best summer of my life." –Krista Askey // Dallas Baptist University // Kenya 2013

We're accepting 2016 applications now! Learn more at buckner.org/projectgo for dates, countries and fees.


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