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7-year-old shining hope with handcrafted jewelry

Lillian Healey was determined to find a way to help those struggling due to the coronavirus. Just 7 years old, she went to her mother with a plan.

“One evening I was making dinner and she came to me and asked, ‘Do you think if I gave all of my money to buy clothes and food for people in the hospital, or who need it, would that help fight the coronavirus?’” Lillian’s mother, Chrissy Healey shared.

The Healeys from Dallas are long-time supporters of Buckner and their dedication to volunteering and giving financially has led the way for Lillian to express her own servant’s heart. In the past, Lillian has chosen to support Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® in lieu of birthday gifts and throughout this pandemic, her heart has been to help those in trouble too.

“As a family, we believe in the Buckner mission, both the local and global efforts to love and empower children and families,” she said.

With Lillian’s creativity, her idea to support other families sparked with jewelry-making.

“I just made this necklace, and if someone bought it, I could give like 2 to 3 dollars for someone who needs something, right?” she told her mother one night.

“She thought of selling necklaces as a way she could take something she can do as a kid and benefit other people,” Chrissy explained.

As she began creating necklaces, more and more of her family and friends found ways to support her. Chrissy and her husband, Peyton, were compelled to multiply any funds she made from the necklaces as well. To date, Lillian has raised $1,160 with matching efforts, purchases and donations. 

“Friends have purchased the necklaces for their children, themselves and even their pups,” she shared.

Lillian and her family have adopted and sent support to four families virtually through the Buckner Adopt-a-Family program that partners them with a vulnerable family in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“They have been such a blessing to our families, and I hope they have enjoyed getting to serve in this way!” shared Robin Bruster, ministry engagement coordinator for Buckner in Bachman Lake and West Dallas. 

There is no timetable for Lillian and her new jewelry-making initiative – only to continue helping those struggling around her.

“It’s important to give back because, for now, we have the means to ease the burden on another family, helping them remove the focus from financial concerns to a focus on the important aspects of the health, welfare and career opportunities for their future,” Chrissy said. “God has provided for us amidst this chaos and put it on our hearts to pass that on to others who could use it.”

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