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A call to serve local families

Arlington family finds purpose through Buckner foster care and adoption

Originally from Chile, the concept of foster care was new to the Faundez family. But they felt the Lord placing it on their hearts more and more.
Miguel and Paulina looked into international adoption first but kept hearing recommendations to work with Buckner Foster Care and Adoption and participating locally was a big draw for them.
“We received great references from friends and even our church is a strong supporter of foster care and adoption,” Miguel shared. “When we asked around for agency recommendations, Buckner was always the top one.”

Making room for those in need in their community

Their oldest biological son, Benjamin, was one of the first to challenge his parents to open their home to foster care. When they would drive to school, he would mention the extra seat in the car. When eating dinner, Benjamin noted the extra chair available at the table. He saw the ways they had extra space to share with someone who needed it.
Throughout the process of certification and placements, the Faundez family felt support all around them. With the help of family and friends, their local church and Buckner, their support system journeyed alongside them.
“We are not from this country, so foster care is not common,” he said. “It wasn’t a thing growing up, but Buckner gave us all the support we needed – every time we had a question and throughout the process with so many unknowns.”

Buckner matches their vision and values

Miguel and Paulina both felt like a Christian organization was the right path for this journey. It aligns with their values and the motivation they have to open their home. 
Since moving to Arlington in 2020, the family has looked for ways to give back to their surrounding community. Foster care is not just a global issue to the Faundez family, there is a local need where they feel called to serve. 

Working together to solve the foster care crisis

“We want to be a part of the solution,” Miguel shared. “As Christians, if we collaborate and work together, we can do good in our society.” 
As a family of four, they know they may not be able to change the world. But for Miguel and Paulina, if they can change the life of one or two children that come to their home, then it’s worth it. Opening their home is a way they are saying yes to God.
“We believe we’re not here by accident and we see the need around us,” Paulina said. “I think we are here to be part of the solution for this specific city and for this specific county in general.”

Find out how you can impact vulnerable children through foster care and adoption in your community. 

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