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A disastrous road trip turns into a blessing

Family Pathways mom finds hope on the road to a better life

On a typical day, it could take nine hours to drive from Houston to Amarillo, Texas. But for Rose Hurst and her 3-year-old daughter, Callie, the journey toward a new chapter at Buckner Family Pathways in Amarillo took a longer detour.

It was the week before Thanksgiving. Two hours outside of town, Rose’s car started to struggle. She wasn’t sure what to do other than reach out to the staff at Family Pathways where they were headed. 

“A lady called us to donate a Christmas tree to one of our Family Pathways families,” shared Melanie Rice, Family Pathways program director in Amarillo. “Somehow, we got to talking, and I shared with her about Rose and her trouble getting out here. The woman immediately jumped in to see what she could do.”

Single mom finds hope from a stranger

The car was towed to a mechanic shop in Amarillo – and Rose didn’t even have to cover the tab. 
“We were waiting on the radiator, because we thought that was the issue,” Rose said. “Turns out, the radiator actually blew. Then, the timing belt broke which then messed up the valves on the motor, destroying the engine.” 

After weeks of waiting, it was determined the car was totaled. The community in Amarillo pulled around Rose and helped her get a new vehicle through Cross Pointe Auto. 

Single parents can find encouragement and help to change their future

“You make a move like I did, you don’t know anybody, you don’t know what to expect,” she said. “But the way I was received when I got here, it was just great. I don’t think it could have been any better – other than my car breaking down.”

Rose and Callie came to Family Pathways with the determination to change their future. 

“I had it very rough growing up as a kid,” Rose said. “I can remember times where we didn’t have a place to live. My mom struggled to raise three kids on her own. So as an adult with my own child, I don’t want her to ever have to know that. I don’t want to have to struggle. I want to have a good life and for my daughter to have a stable home, a happy home.”

Family Pathways offers a safe place to thrive

Callie is thriving in their new environment. In Houston, she would stay with her grandmother when Rose would go to work. She rarely spent time with other children her own age. 

“Being in this social environment where there are other kids close to her age is helping her a lot,” Rose said. “She’s always been this outgoing little person, but sharing has been new for her. It’s made a big difference because she sees it isn’t just her anymore.” 

For Rose, the support she has found with Family Pathways has challenged her to follow her dream of becoming a nurse and develop healthy living habits. She recently has been accepted into West Texas A&M University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing this fall. 

“If I hadn’t come to Amarillo, I would still be stuck doing the same thing I was day in and day out,” Rose said. “Now, I am able to focus on my education and still spend quality time with my daughter.”

See how you can help single parents thrive in your own community. 


Shannen says:
One day I hope I am able to testimony for my life. Growing up I didn't experience love from my family. But loving my daughter is easy for me. I just wish I can give her way more and do more good for others during this life.

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