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A dream come true

Family adopts twin brothers right before Christmas

Even when Bekah and Troy Webster were dating, they knew they wanted to include adoption into their family plan. After having two biological children, Bekah and Troy started fostering through Buckner Foster Care and Adoption. They thought they were fully prepared, but their first placement brought surprises they weren’t expecting. 

“We thought that we might foster several kids and help them reunify with their families and eventually adopt,” Bekah said. “But Alex and Michael were our first foster placement in October 2020, and at that time they were not working on a reunification plan anymore and were already looking for a family to adopt them.”

Things clicked right away. Twins Michael and Alex attached quickly with the family, particularly with Troy and their oldest son, Zeke, who was the same age as the twins. 

While the twins were not in the reunification process any more, it still took some time for permanency plans to be established and at times, the Websters weren’t sure the boys would stay with them. But that time allowed the family to grow closer together and continue bonding. 

“We loved them and we knew we always would, so we decided we were going to trust whatever God had for them,” Bekah said. “If it was for us to adopt them, then we would continue the process for that to happen.”

Bekah’s undergraduate degree is in social work and after interning at a foster care and family support agency in Texas, she was accustomed to the process and trusted God’s plan for their family.

“Throughout all of this we had faith that God knew the plan for our family and for the boys, and that we didn’t have the whole big picture,” Bekah said. “We had to be faithful because it was not just our responsibility to make that huge decision, but we knew this will find a way if that’s what was supposed to happen.”

In the good and the bad, the Websters found support from their family members and their Buckner case manager, Jessica Hood.

“Often, Jessica was on call for us day and night,” Bekah added. “She was always advocating for what was in the best interest for the boys.”

On December 13, 2022, the Websters were finally able to officially adopt Alex and Michel. But even though the adoption is now finalized, Troy and Bekah continue to advocate for each of their sons.

“We want to foster each of our boys’ individual gifts,” Bekah said. “We want to embrace their different strengths, help them find what they want to do, and what makes them happy.” 

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