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A Miracle of Adoption

Editor’s Note: November is National Adoption Month, and we invite you to celebrate with us by praying for orphans and vulnerable children, telling others about the issues surrounding orphan care and adoption, giving to financially support adoption and orphan care ministries and prayerfully considering whether you might be called to be a family to a child.

By Natasha Potts

Being adopted has to be one of my most treasured moments God placed in my life. Growing up in an orphanage system in Russia, I was taught to pray to a higher power. It was easy, because although I really didn’t understand about God, I knew He answered prayers.

I remember when my brother and I told the orphanage director, “Yes, we want to be adopted–and it has to be people from United States.”

I didn’t know it then, but God already had His plans in motion.

When my dad saw a picture of Pasha and me in Buckner Today magazine on his 40th birthday, he said, “Those are my kids.”

He took that magazine and showed it to my mom and she said, “Those are supposed to be our kids, aren’t they?”

God’s plan already in action, my parents called Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services and told them we belonged to them. The staff at Buckner were realistic and told them to be patient since they had to go through a long process of home inspections, paperwork and being matched up before they could start the process of adoption.

My parents just knew we were supposed to be their kids, expressed that to the staff and said, “We will wait on the Lord to let you know.”

They did what they had to do and in September of 2001, I met my parents for the first time, running through airport customs because I wanted to hug my new mamma and pappa. I knew my life was changed forever and nearly 12 years later I live in Dallas, Texas, and couldn’t ask for a better life.

God has pulled me though so many challenges that make me who I am today. God knows my purpose in life and He gave me this miracle of adoption so I can pursue Him even more.

Natasha Potts has two loving parents, Bob and Donita, through international adoption.


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