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Above the waves

A devotion for the second week of Advent

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"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7 (NIV)

The first time I visited the Pacific Ocean, I was 7 years old. I remember it was a mix between fear and emotion. My eyes could not finish contemplating so much water and waves. I had the feeling they would cover me, but there was something that made me feel peace.

Although I did not know what it was, I knew if I stayed on the shore holding my grandfather’s hand, the waves wouldn’t reach me.

Metaphorically speaking, in our lives there are many waves that sometimes reach us – family problems, health, political, social and economic instability and many other challenges. These last couple of years, there were also waves that overwhelmed us. Some of them were related to the pandemic, which also took away our peace at certain times and for some people also took away their loved ones. We pray for them and ask for peace for their hearts.

The waves that sometimes steal our peace could arrive at the moment we least expect or imagine. We will face situations that will make us feel sad or distressed. Jesus explained it best when he spoke to his disciples in John 16: They would have problems, but in him they would find peace.

I believe this peace is the one that surpasses all understanding. It’s the one that brings us afloat when we feel the waves are flooding us and that sweet peace that cannot be explained but only felt.

This season, we remember and are grateful for the greatest gift humanity has been able to receive in history: The gift of salvation through his son, from him who extends to us his grace, mercy and peace.

Roberto Tejada is the executive director of Buckner Guatemala.

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