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Add Some Color to the Gospel

By Analiz Schremmer

Children’s Coloring Book Presents a Simple Plan to Know Jesus

It isn’t likely you’ve seen a 4-year old reading the Gospel of Matthew during daycare—or anywhere else for that matter.

At Buckner, we recognize that there are age-appropriate ways to share the Gospel. That’s why we are so excited to present “Jesus Loves You!” a coloring book written and illustrated by Annette and Mike Childress.

The coloring book, called “Jesus loves you!” presents the Gospel in a simple way and challenges children to think about whether they have sinned or made God sad before offering forgiveness through Christ. It is available in English and Spanish with plans for additional versions in other languages. Buckner staff helped with the Spanish translations.

“We will be using these coloring books on mission trips in which we will work with children in English and Spanish and the hope is that they will be translated into other languages,” said Dr. Kenneth Hall, president of Buckner International.

“We decided to feature their book on our Web site because we are excited about this new tool and using it to share the Gospel with some of the children we encounter through our mission trips and ministries.”

The Childresses created the coloring book as part of a ministry called Reaching Kids 4 Christ with the hope that many people will be able to use their materials as a witnessing tool to lead children around the world to God.

To order your own copies of “Jesus Loves You!” click here.

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