Amarillo mom finds real home through Buckner Family Pathways

Lorena Alvarez needed to leave and take her two sons with her. Their father was a drug addict, and they had to get out of there. 

“I didn’t have anywhere to go or the money,” she said. “I ended up in the hotel. I worked for them and they let me live there.” 

They stayed there for three years. There were sacrifices: They crammed into one room. There was no kitchen. Working hours were long. 

“But it was a comfort zone for me. My children and I were safe.”

Once Lorena was able to get her and her family back on their feet, she wanted more. She wanted her family to thrive. A friend pointed her to Buckner Family Pathways in Amarillo

Family Pathways gave the family a place to call their own. Lorena refers to the kitchen as “her best friend.” The family has room to spread out.

“My son is a teenager and he’s excited we moved because he has his own space.”

They quickly built a support system of friends and Buckner staff. Lorena enrolled at Amarillo College.

“I really want to finish school. Later, I want to buy a house. I have a savings account. I want to put my kids through college.” 

Family Pathways in Amarillo Director Susana Guevara believes Lorena will succeed. She came to the program driven to improve herself and her family. 

“With Lorena’s ambition and eagerness to progress, she will reach her goals as a student and mother,” Susana said. “I believe her boys have been learning a lot from Lorena and will be as successful as she is.” 

Lorena is a role model for her children. Each day she works hard to forge a bright future as an example that teaches her children they can accomplish their dreams if they work hard too. 

“It’s scary when you jump from one thing to another. Hopefully they can take that lesson to not be fearful. 

“That’s going to help my kids continually strive no matter what. No matter what happens, they know to move forward. Keep pushing.”

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