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An eternal gift

Two summers ago I got to see, touch, hear, smell and feel the beauty of Lima, Peru, in the midst of extreme poverty through Project Go.

While on the trip, I had the privilege of bringing smiles and happiness to families and children by providing them with material things like toothpaste, toys and toiletries. I also experienced deep love and friendship through serving and building relationships with members of the community. However, it was never enough. No matter how many toiletries we gave away, I knew their happiness would fade when these gifts were used up. No matter how much time I invested or gave away, our friendship would feel farther away because we were leaving Peru at the end of the month.

Through this experience, God was teaching me a hard lesson. I realized that the impact of my giving in physical and emotional ways would never completely fill or solve all the overwhelming problems in front of me for an eternity.

Then God reminded me those were not the best gifts that I had to offer, or the best gift God has given me to offer. The best gift I have is the gospel: the good news about the cross and reconciliation through his Son, Jesus.

With this realization, my team and I knew the best way to spend some of the remaining money built into our trip budget. The next morning, we bought 300 children's Bibles for the Pamplona community in Peru. This would allow the moms and children to read and have their own Bibles.

It was through sharing the gospel and giving away these Bibles that we experienced and saw joy. Not fleeting happiness or thankfulness, but REAL joy. This joy will not fizzle because our fount of joy can never be used up, and because our friend and Savior will never leave nor forsake us. This, brothers and sisters in Christ, is the BEST gift and BEST way we can give to others in all seasons.

All of our time, possessions and money won't satisfy the ache in our hearts. Be Christ and share Christ, and generosity will take on a new meaning – it will be eternal.

Claire Mosley is a senior majoring in business at Baylor University. She spent the summer of 2013 serving in Peru through Project Go. To learn more about Project Go and how to apply, click here.

Editor’s note: This devotional was taken from Faith Focus, our weekly devotional email written by Buckner staff, foster and adoptive families, mission trip participants, volunteers and more. Click here to sign up to receive Faith Focus in your inbox every Monday.

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