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Be bold and go

Are you questioning whether or not to spend a month this summer doing Project Go? I urge you to just go. As soon as I discovered Project Go, I diligently sought God’s direction, and he was quick to answer. What seemed like days later, I found myself on a plane to Africa.

I know it’s not always easy to hop on a plane to somewhere you’ve never been and spend more money than you’ve likely ever seen in your life as a poor college student, but when you really think about it, why isn’t it? Why isn’t following God’s commands for our lives easy?

We long for comfort; we crave it. But God calls us and sometimes drags us from our comfort zones so he can show us brokenness, beauty and love like we never knew existed. Being a part of something bigger than I could ever imagine has been the single best experience of my life. God used Project Go to break, mold and heal the deepest parts of me.

Do not let the cost of the trip influence your decision. The cost is tough, but also beautiful if you give Jesus every ounce of control at the very beginning. When I signed up for my trip, I was also concerned about the financial aspect, but by believing God would provide he allowed me to see his faithfulness and the faithfulness of his people in a whole new light.

Have faith God will make a way for you to go. It is not a mistake and is certainly no accident you found the Project Go website, planning potential trips in your head. Your friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers are more willing to give than you know. All you have to do is ask and be faithful.

I know for college students, especially those who are ready to be home after months at school, a month can seem like a long time. Before my trip I felt exactly like that. I wondered what my friends would be doing at home, I worried about not having time to devote to my boyfriend, and I knew I would miss my family dearly. While all those things were still true while I was in Africa, God tuned my heart to things that were so much more important. During that month (that seemed like only days), he taught me what it meant to live for him. I made relationships I know will last a lifetime and made roughly 60 new little friends whose names are etched into my heart forever.

God has called us to go. He has called us to be disciples for his name. If you simply allow him, he will make loving the vulnerable the foremost desire of your heart. Friends I beg you, be bold and go.

Written by Bianca Baylon, who spent a month last summer in Kenya through Project Go, a Buckner opportunity for college-aged students to use their strengths to share the love of Christ for a month in countries where Buckner serves. Click here to learn more about Project Go.   

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