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Beaumont couple is fostering a family home

BEAMOUNT, Texas - Molly and Courtney have been sharing the same roof - and a bunk bed - for only a month, but the girls' silver blue eyes and dusty blond hair give away their relation.

The sisters had to be separated in 2013 for foster care placement. They were reunited last month when Kerri and Kevin Courville took in Courtney, 3, four months after taking in Molly, 7.

The girls' names were changed for this story.

Child Protective Services intervened after being tipped off about abuse and drug use at the girls' home.

Their grandmother took the sisters in for a few months, but the elderly woman lacked the energy and resources to properly care for the children.

Both were placed in a foster home in 2014, but a few months later the foster parents told 7-year-old Molly she had to go.

She was bad, they told her.

The couple kept Courtney, who was only 2 at the time.

Molly has behavior issues that the Courvilles attribute to her lack of self-esteem.

"She has improved leaps and bounds," Kerri Courville said.

Molly stayed at Buckner International, a non-profit Christian organization that provides adoption and family services, in Beaumont for months until Kerri, 31, and Kevin Courville, 36, received a pleading call from staff.

The Courvilles were already foster parents to 8- and 5-year-old siblings, whom they had for only three months.

But there was something special about that call.

"It was God's decision," Kerri Courville said.

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