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Beaumont Foundation Provides the Essentials for Foster Children

By Diamond Richardson
Buckner International

BEAUMONT, Texas – Beaumont Foundation gave $132,000 to provide clothes for Buckner foster children in 2011. This donation brings the foundation’s total gifts to Buckner to $585,000 over the past six years.

“The Beaumont Foundation’s support has been instrumental in providing for our foster children,” said David Slover, president of Buckner Foundation. “Hundreds of children have benefited from their generosity and we are so thankful for their vision and desire to make a difference.”

The gift is distributed to families with foster children several times a year to help with new clothing. The gift also provides new clothes for children who have first entered the foster care system with few belongings to their name, Slover said.

“With all the recent legislation dealing with foster care, it is a particularly important time for the private donation sector to step up,” said Frank Newton, president of the Beaumont Foundation. “Now more than ever Buckner needs its partners and we are more than happy to do what we can for the children.”

New clothes can bring joy into the lives of children who have been made to feel unworthy of love, said Laura May, Buckner Children and Family Services administrator in Beaumont.

“A lot of the kids we get in have very few clothes, and they are seldom brand name,” she said. “Giving them clothes is a way to say that they belong and that they are worth something.”

Buckner foster parent Barbra Houston says that the money she receives to take her five teenagers shopping alleviates a lot of financial strain for her.

“The money helps so much. I have all boys and they play sports, so they are always wearing clothes out,” she said. “Without this program it would be a strain to provide clothes for them.”

Houston also said the boys enjoy receiving new clothes and get excited when they go shopping. “I tell them how much they have to spend and let them pick their own clothes out; it means a lot to them.”

Laura May has also experienced the joy of taking foster children shopping.

“For many of them, it is the first time they have been able to shop for new clothes and they can’t help but to jump up and down in front of the clothing racks,” she said. “The things we take for granted are a really big deal to these kids.”

To learn more about the ways that you can invest in the lives of Buckner foster children, call Buckner Foundation at 214-758-8000.

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