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Becky’s story

by Analiz Schremmer

Before coming to My Father’s House, Becky Crowley felt like suicide was the only way out.

“After I got a divorce in January, I was completely broken and lost,” Crowley said. “This was the exact place I needed. I had fallen into depression and wasn’t taking adequate care of my three boys, so CPS put them in the care of my mother-in-law. After I got into the Christian Women’s Job Corps, I got my children back. And now that I’m a resident in My Father’s House I feel like I have goals and a future.”

For the past four years, My Father’s House Lubbock has been a place of healing for single women. Through job skills training, safe housing and relationship-building, women have found a new hope for themselves and their children’s future.

Crowley, 27, has been living in My Father’s House since April and is getting ready to start school in South Plains College this fall to be an elementary teacher and then a Christian counselor.

“If I hadn’t come to My Father’s House I’d be living with my mom and be pretty hopeless. I didn’t have anything going for me.

“Now my boys have a secure place to live while I go to school and they will have a stable future because I will be able to provide for them. And while they are here, they’ve made friends and they are in a good Christian atmosphere.”

Women in My Father’s House benefit from on-site childcare and housing while they are pursuing vocational training.

“They don’t act like boys who have been through hard things. They act like happy, normal kids,” she said.

“Once a month we see a counselor and he said that they are completely different kids now than who they were before we all moved to My Father’s House. Their teachers are talking about how smart and well behaved they are and I give all the credit to My Father’s House and the Lord.”

You can help women like Becky through your support of My Father’s House Lubbock.

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