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Beyond the 'good stuff'

A devotion on trusting God with our burdens

As I get older, I’m learning more about my body and how it’s breaking down (ughhh!). Read Ecclesiastes 12 – God tells us what to expect. WAIT! This is our uplifting devotion for the week? Hang on … 
A recent injury had me seeing the doctor. He taught me about spinal discs which absorbs the stress/shock my body incurs when I’m moving and prevents my vertebrae from grinding together. My doctor described it as a jelly donut, drawing a picture to explain what happened: A slight tear at the top of the “dough,” but all the good stuff in the middle is still surrounded by the dough. It hurts but give it some rest and therapy and it will heal. 
When reflecting I realized this is a picture of God. He’s obviously not jelly, but so beyond the “good stuff:” His amazing design, the built-in healing, his presence as I try to live life trusting in him. He’s my redeemer and center. 
I found myself praying this to God: “Lord, I see you reminding me again that even in pain, challenge, sorrow or any adversity, you’re always with, for and loving me. You absorb (take my burden) my stresses and shocks on yourself, and Lord, you take them all on. You prevent me (cover me from the enemy) by the blood of Jesus, and we can never be separated! Plus, you slow me down and build me up to make me a stronger servant.”
I’m not thrilled about back pain, but I am beyond grateful for God and this reminder to stay focused on him.
May these words be an encouragement to your hearts and souls: 
“May the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14
Written by Evey Baskin, manager of contracts and statistical analysis at Buckner International.

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