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Bookmarks for Buckner

By Thatcher D.

I first learned about Buckner when Legacy Christian Academy started to “adopt” a child from Buckner in each class. At this year’s annual book fair, everybody had an opportunity to donate money to buy books for the Buckner kids.

I realized that I could increase donations by selling bookmarks at the book fair. What goes better with a good book than a fun and colorful bookmark? So I asked our school’s librarian, Mrs. Hamilton, if she would allow me to do this. She said yes and my mind started racing with ideas.

After school that day, I asked my mom about how I could make some simple bookmarks that students at school would be interested in buying. We found bulletin board decorations like little footballs and pandas as well as bulletin board border. We punched holes in them and tied colorful satin ribbons through the holes to complete the look.

We made a tri-fold board and put up pictures of some of the Buckner kids as well as the Buckner International logo. Then we set up a table for Grandparent’s Day to see how well my bookmark idea would work. It was a bit slow at first, but once we started telling people about the bookmarks and where the money would go and who the money would help, everyone seemed to be happy to contribute by buying the bookmarks and donating money. The following week, Mrs. Hamilton let me leave the bookmark table up so that students could buy bookmarks throughout the week .

I’m excited to say that so far we have raised over $200 for Buckner, which paid for about twenty books. As I am called to be the hands and feet of Christ, I am looking forward to more opportunities to serve the kids at Buckner and my community.

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