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Born to serve: Parkway resident shares history as a foster mom

Beverlye Dodd grew up being told she was not smart enough, not good enough and not worth enough--and never would be.

Today, however, the life of the 89-year-old Parkway Place resident tells a much different story.

Dodd, who is proud to be the fourth of her family’s seven Houstonian generations, served as a foster parent for nearly 20 years. During that time, she poured her life into the foster children who came through her home and continues to love children today.

 It was her own difficult upbringing, Dodd says, that led her to become a foster parent.

“My parents didn’t give me the love I needed, but eventually I thought, ‘I bet I could make it better for some other child like me.’ I decided then that if my future husband didn’t mind, I would become a foster parent.”

While foster parenting, Dodd taught at a local preschool and often took the younger children with her to work. She used her ministry platform to provide vulnerable children with a supportive childhood and teach them about the Lord.

“They were very abused, and many wore tattered clothes when they first came to me, but I kept them close by either planting seeds or making cookies or reading stories or drawing pictures. I enjoy children, and still love serving them in any way I can.”

Dodd took her role as a foster mom as seriously as she took her role as a mom in the lives of her three biological children. She ensured each one received new clothes, played with nice toys and attended church with the rest of the family. Even her three biological children became invested in the ministry.

“Every Sunday we went to church. I let my children invite one friend or relative, so our crew would fill up a whole pew!”

Dodd says her heart for children, foster care and ministry is part of what drew her to Buckner.

“I love being here at Parkway Place. Every corner is miraculously wonderful and Christian and kind and loving and supportive. I feel good that the Lord has blessed me, and I can be a witness for Him.”

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