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Bringing Hope through Humanitarian Aid

Tears welled up in Juan’s eyes. Standing on the front porch of the new home a group of Buckner volunteers had built for his family in the Rio Grande Valley, emotions choked his voice as he expressed his thankfulness for such an extraordinary gift.

But it wasn’t the keys to the new home that caused Juan to cry. The tears came when the volunteers presented him with new tools, enabling him to earn a living and support his family.

Juan, who had suffered and survived overwhelming crises and tragedies, knew that those tools would forever transform his family and lift them out of the cycle of poverty and need.

Juan’s story is the story of thousands of others served every day through the humanitarian aid programs of Buckner around the world. Sometimes the gift is a set of tools. Other times, the gift may be food and clothing. Those who receive the gift may live in Africa, Central America or the United States.

But no matter what they receive or where they live, it is the gifts of our donors that make it possible to have a direct, immediate impact on the people we serve, whether they're in our own backyard or living overseas.

Our goal is to meet the most basic needs of children and families in times of crisis. Like Juan, these are people who just need a little help to make it through.

Our Buckner humanitarian aid program depends completely on the generosity of our donors. Our ability to help vulnerable children and families is limited only by the support we receive.

Please consider the impact your gift could have on the lives of families like Juan's.

To make a gift to Buckner's Humanitarian Aid program, click here.

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